When you know, You know!

They say that when you find the love of your life, you know it instantly. These two displayed all the love they share for one another during our engagement shoot. Enter in Alicia and Adam. These lovers have finally decided to make a life-long commitment, soon they will be husband and wife!

You Found me!

Alicia found me on Facebook, she was on the search for a wedding photographer and my wife mentioned me in the comments (she is sweet). Soon thereafter, we had our first conversation through my little web cam and the rest is history! We spoke about the wedding plans and of course the engagement session!

The location? Tuscarora Park in Barnesville PA

All Smiles!

Happy couple you may say? haha. This was our first meeting and I was never at Tuscarora before, so I had to do some location scouting!

Before they arrived, I found this little cutout in the wooded area that had magnificent light coming from behind the trees! I told them where I parked my orange SUV and they found me easily. This is where we began our little adventure.

Every Photo has a Story

Small Backstory. Why did we decide to shoot at this particular park? The couples first place they went swimming was at this park. But Tuscarora road was the first place they lived together and the state park is where they would take their dog "Tank" and go swimming! This park means a lot to them!

After we got our fill of this magnificent light and shared more laughs, the two told me a story about how they would always go to this one lake nearby that had a big wooden dock, but they tore it down. Even though that would of made one great photograph, we still headed up that way to see what we could create, together!

I think we managed to get our "feet wet" at this fun location of the park! They were both up for anything! Time to move onto the next location! On the way to the lake, we passed this open field with "flowers" ? I think they are Thistles? Someone should correct me on that. Anyway, I thought would of be the cherry on top of an awesome shoot!


That was fun! So funny story, we were taking photos and a driver passed us by and yelled "It's TICK SEASON!" We both looked at each other and said, yup... we know the risks.. haha. So we finished in the field, and naturally, checked ourselves for ticks!

I was getting into our session as the sun was getting lower. The couple brought something special that they wanted to use for the wedding! So I thought to myself "Let's shoot photos through it!"

That's a Wrap!

I think we were all getting a little hot!, but they wanted a couple more photos celebrating their engagement! I am so very happy for you both and cannot wait to make new memories at your wedding later this year!