There is this cool place with a waterfall, but First...Beer + Wings!

Yes, we will get to this place with a cool waterfall, but I need to tell you this story about Krystal and Matt! So how did she find me? Well, I was at a local wedding show and Krystal was on the hunt for a wedding photographer! We met, made some small talk and we connected outside the show to set up a day to meet at a local pub to talk about how I will document her wedding day! But first, I had to find out how they met!

The Perfect Taco?

How did Matt & Krystal meet? Well, Matt enjoyed a certain bar establishment, guess who worked there? Yup! He was fond of Krystal serving him tacos. ;) He really digs tacos! I mean, who doesn't love them? The one day, Krystal served him his order, but he enjoyed giving Krystal a hard time about them. He said that he was not pleased with the taco Krystal gave to him that night, maybe he was being a bit too harsh? Matt, may have chased after her when he complained about his taco not being the perfect taco. What was her reaction? She was not happy that he sent back this taco, so she ignored him! Naturally! Never complain about the tacos! NEVER!

The next day, Matt found her on social media and was naturally rejected again! He kept up his persistence! The next day he visited his favorite bar and officially asked her out on a date, where she finally caved! They have been best friends ever since, and she has never been happier! Krystal says that Matt is truly her better half, and the photos show how much fun they have just being around one another.

Ledges Hotel

Krystal used to work at Ledges Hotel in Hawley, PA where it has an amazing waterfall for some fun engagement shots! It was a drive for this photographer, but it was well worth the drive! It was even a fun little adventure getting to the spot. Their was a natural stone stairwell to get to the top, and climb down to get to a flat ridge into the waterfall area.. but, a Thunderstorm was close by! We had to hustle to capture some fun shots of them, so I snapped away, and moved quickly to capture these moments that I hope you all enjoy.

Looks like Rain! Nope. Just gnats

It's the dog days of summer, and if you are outside for an extended period of time, you will notice these annoying little bugs buzzing around you. Lucky, we were surrounded by water, so they were having a fun time above the water, but it looked like it was starting rain 10 feet from us, and I was wondering why it wasn't raining? Clearly, a rain cloud can't be that precise? Could it? Why am I talking about gnats? I guess to share our experience, because we all thought it was rain at first... moving on to more sweet and dorky photos!

The Future is Looking FUN!

Hope you all enjoyed today's adventure. Krystal and Matt are laid back and just fun real people! I am looking forward to capturing their wedding day early September!